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    International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce Uses Its Site to Introduce Women Around the Globe to Each Other

    March 20, 2007, will serve as “A Day of Virtual Introduction” online for women around the globe in honor of Women’s History Month. “A Day of Virtual Introduction” will build a virtual bridge for business and professional women to cross over to create win-win relationships. It’s a startling fact that 48% of women-owned businesses generate less than $10,000 in revenue annually; and 87% of ALL women-owned businesses generate less than $100,000 in revenue annually. It’s time for women to stop selling and start partnering if they want their businesses to sustain them.

    The goal of “A Day of Virtual Introduction” is to make it easier for business and professional women from different business organizations, states, and countries, to find each other online so they can share information about their interest in partnering. The special business day is being organized by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce (IVWCC). IVWCC was founded in 2002 by metro Atlanta businesswoman Jerrilynn B. Thomas to facilitate lucrative strategic alliances, cross marketing partnerships, and joint ventures between business and professional women from around the globe. 

    Women interested in participating in “A Day of Virtual Introduction” are asked to register as a guest by visiting http://tinyurl.com/zlatt to get on the chamber’s mailing list. Then they should submit a request by visiting http://tinyurl.com/2sq2qk to receive the introduction format they should follow in order for their introduction to be published on the chamber site. Participants will be able to share key details about their business and the types of companies they desire to partner with.

    There is no fee to participate. Chamber membership is not a requirement. Introductions can be submitted in advance. The link to view the introductions will be posted on http://www.ivwcc.org/ on March 20, 2007. IVWCC reserves the right to not publish an introduction. Due to the number of direct sales companies online, the first 10 introductions per company will be published. Please share this announcement with all of your female business associates.

    Networking Event Scheduled for “A Day of Virtual Introduction” Participants
    A 24-hour online networking event, “Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich!,” will be conducted on March 20 for “A Day of Virtual Introduction” participants who want to put their partnering plan immediately into action. The fee to participate is $12 for non-chamber members. You can register via PayPal by visiting http://tinyurl.com/2sgocm.

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